The Perfect PLA Funnel Blueprint

I want to show you how to increase PLA conversions with my FREE PLA Funnel Blueprint.


Some Advertisers spending the vast majority of their budget on PLAs include #1 ranked Walmart (71%), Best Buy (79%), Staples (85%), Uline (77%), (90%) and The Vitamin Shoppe (98%). In addition, eBay appears to be putting its money where its mouth is regarding its well-publicized 2013 study that found paid search is ineffective; the auction and retail site spent 93% of its budget on PLAs and only 7% on text ads.

You might recognize PLA ads on Google and Bing results.

My Goal is to have you setup using my PLA Funnel Blueprint to increase your conversions and get your a major ROI

Ok by now you are probably thinking how can I compete against the likes of walmart, amazon, or ebay? When the Americans defeated the British, it was because their tactics where different. My PLA Funnel Blueprint lays out the different tactics that will help you win ecommerce battle. It will give you the edge and increase your PLA conversions and ultimately lead to a larger ROI.

My name is Joel Otterstrom and I have almost 20 years of ecommerce experience

I have been involved and helped thousands of online ecommerce entreprenuers make over $250 million dollars in online sales! As I have helped people sell online I have learned what has worked and what hasnt. I have seen plenty of Pay Per Click ads go to waste, and thought there had to be a better way. I discovered 3 things, one people didnt always see what the ad described, second the link where potential customers were sent to was all over the place, and lastly there was no personalization to the user. So I developed this PLA Funnel Blueprint to help ecommerce entreprenuers increase their conversions and see a better ROI on their ad spend.

A lot of money was wasted on text ads until I learned this PLA Funnel Blueprint and I am giving it away for FREE to help you avoid the pitfalls and crush your competition

Most people doing PLAs are not even following this blueprint and when they get it they cant imagine doing PLAs any other way. Get this easy to follow PLA Funnel Blueprint for FREE and take your PLA ecommerce sales to the next level.

You will discover in this PLA Funnel Blueprint how to match your PLA to your site, increase the average order size, and gain customers for life with personalization.