Why Become a Mentor?

Becoming a mentor is rewarding in so many ways.  Stronger Together!

  • You get to teach eager learners and pass your skills on to the next generation
  • You make your country great again because you are filling a skill gap
  • You get paid! You can take on as many apprentices as you want to make as much as you want
  • You decide how much you will charge the apprentice to be taught by you. You split 70 /30.  You keep 70% and iPPRENTICE keeps 30%
  • You help your apprentice gain a industry accepted certification and help them become proficient in your field through apprenticeship.

How it Works

Stronger Together we will make America Great Again!  iPPRENTICE Mission is to provide mentored competency and project based learning opportunities to help learners gain IT industry recognized certifications and real world experience through apprenticeship.  This cuts down on the time to skill development allowing to fill the skills gap in less time.  The Mentors job is to work one on one with the learner and provide them with project based learning opportunities, and apprenticeship.  iPPRENTICE works with the mentor to determine the knowledge needed by the apprentice to fulfill their threepart learning experience.

  1. Competency Knowledge
  2. Competency Doing (Project Based Learning)
  3. Competency Performance (Gaining Certificate and Passing Real World Apprenticeship)