iPPRENTICE is on a mission to change the landscape of education in America and around the world.  Education is beyond the class room.  The world we live in is both offline and online.  Content is free and abundant online.  You can learn anything you want online.  The classroom is no longer needed.  But what is needed is 1.) a mentor to guide you through the content, and 2.) actual experience that allows you to perform what you have learned.


There is a large portion of America that is under employed and under skilled.  The iPPRENTICE approach is to help this population skill up quickly through mentored learning.  iPPRENTICE has teamed up with many different education paths that lead to a certified skill set in IT, Advanced Manufacturing, and other in demand fields.


iPPRENTICE is in need of Mentors that have skills and can pass those skills and knowledge to others.  Mentors set what they will be charge the learner.  So being a mentor can be rewarding and challeging as you will be helping some one learn new skills and apply those skills in their apprenticeship.  A mentor does two things 1.) teaches the learner what they need to know to gain an industry certification and  2.) helps them get through an apprenticeship and validating both their knowledge and their ability to perform on the job in their apprenticeship.


The world is changing and the is becoming more and more a knowledge based economy.  People are studying but are unable to do anything in this knowledge based economy.  iPPRENTICE approach is to provide apprenticeship opportunities that go along with their studies are to provide work experience for some one out of school or for some one that knows their stuff but needs to gain experience to apply their knowledge.  Our apprenticeship programs are currently around the United States.


Employers are crying out for candidates who have high tech skills, are creative, and can come up with solutions on their own.  Employers do not always know who those candidates from a resume or from a couple rounds of interviews in a knowledge based economy.   iPPRENTICES provides a way for Employers to discover that perfect candidate they are seeking.  When an Employer provides an Apprenticeship with an assessed or trained iPPRENTICE they get to see what the apprentice can do with what they have learned while helping to develop the iPPRENTICE into what their company seeks. iPPRENTICE provides a work based learning software that works with the apprentices skills profile. This allows the Employer to see how the Apprentice is progressing in their organization with the knowledge and skills needed by the Employer

Educators and Trainers

iPPRENTICE is a work based learning platform.  The work based learning platform is how all of the learning and apprenticeship for iPPRENTICE is managed.  The work based learning management software is competency based but extends to classes, certifications, and other skills that the learner may have.  iPPRENTICE welcomes the sale, and or the content access for our learners that can help the learner achieve the knowledge that is needed to gain the skills in our knowledge economy.  If you are an educator with content or want to use the system as a bridge between apprenticeship and employers the work based learning software is for you.