iPPRENTICE offers an alternative pathway to full-time tech jobs. We receive applications from candidates in all walks of life, and what brings them together is that they have big ambitions. If you are an aspiring developer, or other IT profession, iPPRENTICE can help you get to where you want to be, faster and better than traditional education.


At iPPRENTICE, we’re more interested in what you can do than what you have done. That is, we’re not concerned about whether or not you have a certain degree or professional work experience. The single most important quality we look for in iPPRENTICE candidates is their passion and drive to learn.

Equally important, iPPRENTICE apprenticeships are an incredible opportunity for you to work with a seasoned IT Professionals. You should expect to put in occasional nighttime and weekend hours to get up to speed in addition to a full-time work week. iPPRENTICE apprentices who have successfully landed their dream jobs are dedicated, humble, receptive to feedback, and aren’t afraid to ask questions.


After applying, we will look over your application to determine if you meet the basic qualifications for a iPPRENTICE apprenticeship. The basic qualifications are a desire to learn in an IT Track and be able to work well with others. Working well with others is almost critical in IT. We will also gauge where you are at already in the IT TRACK you are seeking acceptance in.

If you don’t have the right skills we will place you in our intense training course that aligns with the needs of employers and the IT Apprenticeship Track.  The IT training usually takes 4 months and you end up with at least one recognized industry certification.  Training is not required if your skills are validated and assessed to match an apprentice program.

Once you pass our evaluation, we will invite you in for an interview where we want you to tell us your dream job.  We have partner employers waiting for you. And if there is no good match, we are always on the look out for new employers who may fit you best.

If you prove yourself, you will be connected to companies that align with your interests, skills, and preferences. Knock them dead and you’re well on your way to a full-time IT job. For an iPPRENTICE to pass our program they must successfully complete on the job training with at least 1 employer