The following outlines our Project Management Apprenticeship Track

Project Management Concentration Level 1

The Project Management Level 1 Qual Card items must be executed within the context of an actual project on the job. As a minimum the project must be a small scale project. As a guideline, small scale projects have the following attributes: • the project will involve the participation of at least three people on the team • the project may operate with IT participation only; without participation of other business functions • the project will have a duration of at least one to several days It is also possible for a Level 1 project manager to perform the project management functions by working as a team lead for a track of work on a larger scale project.

24 Work Hours

Project Management Concentration Level 2

These Job Qualification Performance Requirements must be performed under the direction of a Mentor or Coach. The purpose of these activities is to verify your ability to correctly perform and verbally explain the required job functions for an I/S Project

60 Class Hours 2000 Work Hours

Project Management Concentration Level 3

Describe the process for identifying stakeholder requirements. Identify the appropriate tools and techniques needed to performa a stakeholder analysis on a project..

60  Class Hours  and 2000 Work Hours