iPPRENTICE ends your tech shortage. We introduce you to highly talented local job seekers who are ready to work. We vet thousands of applications and turn potential candidates  into your perfect employee.


  1. FREE to employers!
  2. We create your perfect candidate. We teach the candidate any skills they lack, place them into your company as an apprentice, and then provide software to track, validate, and provide workforce analytics to ensure each apprentice progresses.
  3. If you hire the apprentice as a full-time employee, we earn a recruiting fee.

iPPRENTICE takes the risk out of hiring a candidate based solely on their resume. They are completely trained by the time they reach full time employment. No obligation to hire the apprentice full time.

The Onboarding Process

The Process is Simple:

  1. Signup
  2. iPPRENTICE assess your needed skills
  3. We create an apprenticeship track that fits those needs.
  4. We on board your initial apprentices and train on the apprenticeship program.

Benefits for Employers

• Employers have opportunities to nurture student/employee interest in jobs and careers with their company and in their industry.

• Employers help future workers understand the education and skills they need to secure jobs and be successful employees.

• Employers advance their reputation in their communities as supporters of education, community leaders, and providers of good jobs.

• Employers form stronger partnerships with local schools and help ensure that the curriculum is supporting the development of essential skills.

• Employers provide their employees with valuable opportunities to serve as ambassadors for the company and to hone their public speaking, communications, and leadership skills.

• Employers improve employee retention by boosting employees’ job satisfaction and sense of purpose.

• Employers have the opportunity to audition future potential applicants